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Lucius d.o.o. від Vitez

Lucius d.o.o.

Herr Matija Marjanovic

Stjepana Radića b.b. 22
72250 Vitez

Боснія і Герцеговина

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Company LUCIUS d.o.o, was established in Vitez in 2013, and with a view to brokering, trade, dismantling, we are one of the few companies in the region that possesses the know-how and operations for remediation of asbestos by European standards. Because responsibility toward the environment we are working on the conservation of natural resources and the environment, and we are actively working on the recycling of all materials with an emphasis on electronic and electronic waste. It is worth noting that the company has LUCIUS all valid permits to carry out its activities by the competent institutions in BiH.

We want to be one of the leading companies in this area in complete recycling of all types, with an emphasis on recycling of electrical and electronic waste, our intention is to warn of the dangers of asbestos and promote his professional remediation and disposal.

We were created with the intent to offer professional and superior services of recycling and recovery of materials according to international standards with special care about the environment.

We use all resources and knowledge of our company founder BASKARD AG in order as soon as possible adopt the latest technology, we have a large number of machines that enable professional recycling for the safety of people and the environment. It is also important to note that we have all valid permits to carry out its activities by the competent institutions in BiH.

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse
In our branch we are selling industrial equipment and machines.

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