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T & T trade s.r.o. від Buzica

T & T trade s.r.o.

Herr Imrich Török

Buzica 11
04473 Buzica


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Our company in short:

- thanks to some “coincidences” we started trading with second-hand machines on January 11, 1999, so our company has been in the used machines market for over 20 years, where we focus mainly on the purchase and sale of metal-working and forming machines, but we have sold other machines (forklifts, injection presses, etc.) as well

- we have bought and sold more than 1100 machines in more than 30 countries on 5 continents

- our efforts and positive attitude are best confirmed by returning customers, because 90% of used machines are always purchased from other companies, from different locations, always under different conditions, always from other people, always different machines and always for different customers, hence the confidence of returning customers is our greatest appreciation and evaluation

- our partners' confidence in our company is also reflected in the fact that 95% of our machines are sold in 100% advance payment

- during our work we had to dismantle more machines and prepare them for transport, roll up or load them with a crane, we provided transport of many oversized machines (the heaviest machine in the assembled state weighed 200 tons and the heaviest piece weighed 85 tons)

- our team consists of 5 to 6 people, 1 CEO, 1 marketing manager, 1 area manager, 2 - 3 assembly and loading staff

- in our rented warehouse (SK-04473 Buzica 369, Košice) we have a 20 ton crane and store used machines on the area of 1 000 m2, there were times (2007-2008) when we had 150 machines in our warehouse, but the nature of used machines sale is special and capricious we currently have only 25-30 machines in stock

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